Deep Tissue Massage Treatment DFWManaging chronic back pain with prescription medications is common, but using deep tissue massage treatment DFW offers a safe, holistic, and natural option for relief. If you are part of the 31 million Americans living with lower back pain, you most likely understand how this pain can wreak havoc on your physical and emotional health. However, using prescription medications only masks this pain. Learn how massage offers a safer solution to improve your chronic back pain:

Deep Tissue Massage DFW: Physical Benefits–Reduction in Pain, Blood Pressure and Scar Tissue

If you are suffering with chronic pain due to an accident or injury, massage can help reduce your discomfort. Your licensed massage therapist will center the treatment on the underlying layer of deep tissue, muscle, and tendons. This will improve the tension and overall pain you feel in your back.

Deep tissue massage treatment DFW will also improve your body’s blood circulation. This increased flow of blood reduces inflammation in and around your back, offering relief of your chronic pain.

Many patients with chronic pain also have high blood pressure. This may be due to the intense discomfort or the added stress of being in constant pain, but treating hypertension is imperative because it is a life threatening condition.  Thankfully, massage therapy can decrease high blood pressure by improving circulation and reducing the overall stress of ongoing pain.

If you have developed scar tissue after surgery to repair damage in your back, massage therapy can be beneficial. Ongoing treatments may be able to break up and repair this damaged tissue.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy DFW: Emotional Benefits

Living with chronic pain is debilitating for many people. This pain can decrease your ability to work, exercise, and complete simple daily tasks. By limiting your lifestyle, your chronic pain may cause you severe anxiety, stress, and even depression. Treating chronic pain with prescription medications may also increase your risk of developing emotional disorders, such as anxiety and depression, so holistic relief (like massage treatment) is a safer option.

Massage therapy will also increase your body’s production of endorphins. These natural neurotransmitters will induce pleasant feelings, instantly improving your mood and making you feel happier. This is extremely beneficial if you are suffering with stress, anxiety, and depression due to your chronic pain.

Living with chronic back pain can be damaging physically and emotionally, but treatment is available without toxic chemicals. Send a text message to Donna Whitten-Estes LMT at 214-457-8888 for excellent deep tissue massage treatment DFW.

Deep Tissue Massage Treatment DFW