Massage Therapy DFWIf you are one of the millions of patients suffering with the pain and discomfort of TMJ disorder, consider the benefits of massage therapy DFW for relief. From popping and clicking of the jaw to the inability to eat and speak properly, TMJ disorder can be overwhelming. Below is information about TMJ disorder and how massage can ease your discomfort.

Massage Therapy DFW: The 411 on TMJ Disorder

TMJ, or temporomandibular joints, are essential parts of your jaw and its ability to open and close. The joint on each side of your mouth has a disc between the socket and ball. This disc acts as a protective cushion, allowing the socket and ball to move properly while opening or closing your mouth. If this series of movements of the joint system do not function accordingly, you may be suffering with TMJ disorder.

The symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder vary from person to person, but most sufferers experience the following:

  • Tenderness/Pain in the Jaw
  • Discomfort/Aches around Ears
  • Difficulty Chewing
  • Facial Pain
  • Headaches
  • Locking of One or Both Joints
  • Clicking/Popping of One or Both Joints

Massage Therapist DFW: Treating TMJ Disorder

Each person may need different treatments for their TMJ disorder, so consulting a doctor and dentist is smart for finding optimal relief. In most cases, orthodontic treatment will be recommended. The use of braces can gradually realign the teeth to correct your bite.

A stabilization splint may also be necessary. This is worn like a bite guard, fitting over the lower or upper teeth. The splint reduces pain while you are sleeping, but it can also protect your teeth from grinding and clenching of the jaw, which is common in patients with TMJ disorder.

Massage Therapy DFW: Managing Symptoms of TMJ Disorder with Massage

Massage therapy is an effective option for relieving your pain and discomfort associated with TMJ disorder. Using gentle yet firm motions, professionals can ease the muscles and ligaments surrounding your temporomandibular joints. This will alleviate tension and discomfort and can also increase your body’s production of endorphins. These natural chemicals will instantly improve your mood, helping to relieve your TMJ discomfort.

Massage therapy can also help you manage other symptoms of TMJ disorder. Not only is it an effective holistic treatment for your pain, but it can also reduce the amount and the severity of your headaches. Visiting a massage therapist for ongoing treatments can reduce the popping, clicking, and clenching of your jaw.

Talk to your doctor and dentist if you are suffering with TMJ disorder. Then, contact Donna Whitten-Estes LMT at 214-457-8888 to learn how massage therapy DFW can ease your TMJ pain.

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