Postnatal Massage Therapist DFWPregnancy and childbirth can be difficult in many ways for a woman, which is why a good postnatal massage therapist DFW is necessary to help restore physical and mental wellbeing.  Massage during pregnancy can help to alleviate tension and body aches; but massage after pregnancy can help with a host of issues that women who’ve just given birth have to deal with, including out-of-control hormones, swelling and sleeplessness.

Postnatal Massage Therapist DFW:  The Many Benefits Of Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage can help with:

🍃 Relaxation and Stress Reduction – The period after childbirth can be fraught with a number of stressors that can cause emotional and physical pain.  Financial worries, worries about caring for an infant and hormonal changes can leave a new mother feeling exhausted and anxious.  Massage therapy relaxes muscles, increases circulation and lowers stress hormones.

🍃 Pain Relief – Residual pregnancy body aches are normal.  Massage can relieve aches and pains in the arms, shoulders, neck and back and can even help to alleviate numbness and tingling.

🍃 Hormone Regulation – Massage can greatly reduce hormone imbalances after pregnancy.  As estrogen and progesterone levels drop after birth and prolactin and oxytocin levels rise, stress hormones like cortisol can become elevated.  Massage therapy can reduce this stress hormone along with increasing the levels of the hormones associated with happiness, dopamine, and serotonin.

🍃 Swelling – The volume of fluid in the body during pregnancy increases significantly and it doesn’t magically disappear after the baby is born.  Massage not only increases circulation, it helps with lymphatic drainage of excess fluids and waste products.  The tissue stimulation in massage also helps to shift water weight to the right places.

🍃 Breastfeeding – Massage therapy can help to increase milk production by increasing the levels of the lactation hormone, prolactin.  Chest and breast massage can also help to relieve pain in that area.

🍃 Sleep – Having a new baby and recovering from childbirth are exhausting and anxiety and physical pain can keep a new mother from getting the sleep she needs to cope with life after birth.  Massage therapy can ease fatigue, promote relaxation and assist with sleep by increasing the number of delta waves in the brain.

Postnatal Massage Therapy DFW:  Postnatal Massages Are Safe

If you have had some type of childbirth or birth-recovery complication, you may want to wait or get your doctor’s clearance before you consider massage therapy; but for most women, postnatal massage is safe.  Just as with regular massage, you should only start when you feel comfortable enough for a massage and the position you choose should be one that is relaxing.  Many women look forward to being able to lie on their stomachs again after nine months of not being able to.  Additionally, you can choose a light massage or a deep-tissue massage depending on your level of pain and the area being massaged.

If you live in North Texas and you’ve recently given birth, discover the difference a postnatal massage can make for your physical and emotional wellbeing.  To get the help of the best postnatal massage therapist DFW, call Donna Whitten-Estes at (214) 457-8888 or visit

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