Swedish Massage DFWIf you’ve thought about trying a Swedish massage DFW but you’re not quite sure what it is, here are some things you should know:

Swedish Massage DFW:  There’s Nothing Swedish About A Swedish Massage

If you picture your back being pummeled by a muscled, Nordic blonde, it could happen; but it probably won’t be because your masseuse is Swedish or your massage has any basis in Swedish medicine or complementary health practices.  The creation of Swedish massage has long been erroneously credited to Swedish physical therapist, Pehr Henrik Ling.  In fact, a Dutch massage practitioner named Johan Georg Mezger organized and described the application of what is alternately known as “classic massage.”  There is no real historical evidence to show why the word, “Swedish,” was applied to this massage or when it happened.

Swedish Spa DFW:  Swedish Massage Is One Of Three Basic Types Of Massage

Though there are a number of methods for delivering the benefits of massage, all with different names like Shiatsu, Lomilomi and Watsu, there are three basic types of massage:

  • Acupressure, which refers to massage techniques from Asia that focus on pressure points and the movement of energy through the body
  • Swedish or classic massage, which focuses on improving circulation of blood and on relaxing superficial muscles
  • Deep tissue massage, which focuses on connective tissue with the goal of improving posture and movement

Massage Therapist DFW:  The Basics Of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage consists of a set of 5 massage movements:  effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction and vibration.  Effleurage is a sliding movement; petrissage is a kneading movement; tapotement is a rhythmic tapping movement; friction is a cross-fiber movement; vibration is a shaking movement.  Traditionally, Swedish massage also includes passive and active joint movements and stretching and bending of joints.  Offshoots of basic Swedish massage include manual lymphatic drainage, chair massage, pregnancy massage and geriatric massage.

Swedish Massage DFW:  Why You Should Choose Swedish Massage

You should choose Swedish massage if you want to relax, to improve the circulation of blood, pain relief, improved sleep and improved mood.  By improving and increasing circulation of fluids in the body, Swedish massage cleans and nourishes the soft tissues of your body, namely your skin and muscles.  Additionally, it can lengthen and relax superficial muscles and stimulate peristalsis in your intestines.

If you’re feeling stressed or your muscles are tight and you’re having a difficult time relaxing, try a Swedish massage DFW.  Text me, Donna Whitten-Estes, at (214) 457-8888 to schedule an appointment.  I am a practitioner of a number of healing arts including massage, reflexology, acupressure and more.  To find out more about me and the services I provide, visit me online at www.donnamassage.com.

Swedish Massage DFW