NFL Hall of Fame

“Donna is the Best Massage Therapist! I did the research myself, no one better.”

Dallas Cowboys Player #28

“Donna is my new thing” I have never had a better massage! I’m Addicted. Serious.”


“I have been working with Donna Whitten since the latter part of 2008 and it has been a life-changing experience.  With chronic disk problems causing constant muscle  spasms in my back, Donna has been able to help relieve more of the pain and lack of flexibility than I thought possible.  Sitting in a chair all day, with frequent airline flights puts a lot of strain on my back.  Donna has not only helped me deal with the pain, but has also given me enough range to continue coaching girl’s basketball, which is my after-work outlet… and the conversations range from silence while enjoying her eclectic music tastes to wrenching laughter at her interesting outlook on life.  Although the economy is tight now-a-days, giving up the monetary equivalent of a few drinks a week is more than worth her price of admission.  I’ll be bringing her into my office to let some employees enjoy the treatments in the coming weeks.”


“This Woman is a miracle! She has worked on me for several years now, starting back in 2006. I had heard so many great things about her from friends who had seen her and raved about her and I have to say that I don’t know how I ever got by without her touch! My life is so much richer since I have known her. Not only her talent but her glow and energy are so inviting and rewarding. I feel a complete renewal of my week when I make the time to go. I know for me I have to set an appointment for the same time every week or I can get out of the habit and my week feels wrecked and I can get lost in the hum drum of my work. Thank you Donna, you are absolutely amazing!”


“Donna Whitten has been my regular massage therapist for many months. Triathlons keep me in almost constant muscle soreness, and the prolonged time on the bike affects my neck and lower back. I find that many contemporary therapists miss the simple point that massage is meant to address muscle tension. This way I found myself sorting through the granola and hemp sandals crowd for years. Literally for years I would try one, find myself disappointed, try another, find that I was still disappointed, try another…

Needless to say I have finally quit shopping. I like to refer to Donna as a massage therapist for the rest of us. I see Donna 2-3 times per month and the sessions with her have made a big improvement. Physically, she is strong and tall, and both are a big plus. Sometimes nothing soothes a pair of sore legs like an iron hand. But Donna is also very intuitive and very empathetic. She works on deeper tissue as needed, but will back off if it becomes painful – unless you ask her not to back off. I am pretty certain that she works on those spots that most need help; that is, before I ever mention them.

Her web site describes her style exactly: she alternates between a slow, soothing motion and firm, pressure-point therapy. I often find myself nodding off for a moment, at least until she starts working on my legs again. Donna is very engaging, especially compared to some other members of her chosen profession. So if conversation is your thing, it won’t be forced or awkward. This is actually a crucial point for me; it is very off-putting when the silence is not optional.

Athletes should take note that my best workouts always come the next 2-3 days after visiting Donna. Indeed, I plan my training week around it, scheduling one key workout the next day, and another key workout 3 days after. The handful of patients I have seen leaving her office all seemed athletic and muscular. She has worked in the massage tents at multi-sport events, so her experience with athletes must be quite substantial. She also claims to regularly massage at least one client for five uninterrupted hours, and I believe it: again, she is impressively strong. On a bit of a personal note, job stress, and any related anxiety and depression seem to lift during and after her massage therapy.

Those of you suffering from pain should also contact Donna for consultation. Her resume is too long to duplicate here, but pain management is her specialty. For more information, call her, or simply visit her website. And lastly, if you’ve found your way to this review, you are probably looking for some kind of relief. If so, I hope you find it.”


“I started seeing Donna regularly from 2005 until the beginning of 2009 when I moved from Dallas to Houston Texas. I won’t go to any other therapist. I feel extremely comfortable with her. She has a way of making you feel like you have known her for years. I make a trip to Dallas once a month and call it work. I sometimes schedule longer sessions or two sessions in two days before heading back. Thanks for always making time to see me!”


“Oh for heavens sake – You will no doubt be glad that you made an appointment. I live for my Massages!! Donna Whitten is simply fabulous. She combines all the perfect moves to create the most exquisite experience you may EVER have!”


“I have been getting massage for over 18 years and I have to say that Donna’s massages are the best I have ever experienced. Hands down. I was hesitant to go to her at first because her prices were not as low as I had been paying with a few of my previous therapists. The key is, I was going to the wrong therapists all along so I wasted my money on every other therapist I had tried before I found Donna. Now I feel like I am not paying her enough. I honestly feel her therapy is worth every penny and so much more. She works hard to combine the most nurturing touch with the much needed therapy I so desperately require as well as making progress on my range of motion in my neck and lower back which has saved my life. I feel indebted to Donna. She makes me feel like I have something positive and uplifting to look forward to, she takes away my pain and stress. I can open up and talk about anything or lay there and let my body drift into another zone of relaxation and when I walk out the door I am a new woman.

As always ~ Thank you”


“Donna Seriously Rocks! She is my favorite person in the world! I can’t live without her! She gives the most amazing massages, she has the best personality as well as her looks. I have gotten massages from her starting in 07′ till now & will forever. She’s a combination of Sweet, Sarcastic, Witty, Hilarious, Gentle, Oh so loving & all around Total Rock Star!!

I Love you Donna”